Sanyukta Shrestha 2013 collection Beauty with a Conscience

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Here at London bride couture we love new designers, last year we were extremely proud to introduce the stunning and  ingenious Sanyukta Shreshtha. Her debut 2012 collection won her numerous awards and many admirers (us included!). Sanyukta’s ability to create beautiful hand crafted luxury while maintaining a strictly green, sustainable and ethical principle has already begun to revolutionise the bridal industry, giving brides their first opportunity to be gorgeous while remaining ethically  and ecologically sound. Her ethos ‘Love green – Believe in Ethics’ is adhered to throughout the creative process; her fabrics are carefully sourced from her homeland in Nepal and created from materials such as nettles, hemp and bamboo, chemicals are shunned and these fabrics are hand spun, hand-woven, hand-embroidered, and hand-made from beginning to end by local villagers in the Nepalese village of Khokana.

In our current world of greed, exploitation and fast fashion Sanyukta’s take is refreshing and uplifting which is why we are just so damn excited about their 2013 collection ‘Wallis in Love‘.

The ‘Wallis in Love’ collection takes inspiration from the chic glamour and timeless romance of Wallis Simpson’s life and style. The collection perfectly combines classic glamour with a modern edge creating a beautiful dramatic feel while maintaining Sanyukta’s ethical and ecological stance. This collection includes hand-woven, hand crafted hemp silk, bamboo, organic cotton and new to this collection Milk Fibre! This collection embodies Sanyukta’s amazing ability to create classic beauty without compromising on principle; Take a look for yourself…heres a little snippet of the collection all of which are at London Bride Couture now!

If you don’t want to take our word for it, we’ve collected a few of the best reviews and blogs just for you, because we’re nice like that! Click on the links below to find more lovely words about Sanyukta – If you need any more convincing, click here for Sanyukta’s own lovely blog.

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