The Wedding Trends for 2020 – A talk with the wedding planner Sabrina Gambato

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This week Sabrina Gambato, the owner of “Ti amo Ti sposo” Weddings talks with us about all the new bridal trends!
Her brand provides consultancy services for Destination Weddings & Events a wide range of solutions tailored to suit your requirements.

Brides to be 2020, these tips are for you!

“As Destination Wedding Planner I assist brides in all aspects of planning their weddings. I provide advice and assistance with aquiring attire, invitations, decorations, music, food, and other aspects of the wedding. I have identified the most professional and talented suppliers in the most important cities worldwide to ensure every detail is perfect and matches your style & personality.

I am just came from the New York Bridal Week and fashion industry is getting prepared for the season. What should it be like?
Here some trends from the runaway shows:

The conservative wedding fashion design is gradually going away.
Elegant luxury is the top trend of upcoming season.
Slip dresses is the season must-have. The secret of slip dresses is their skimpiness. It teeters on the brink of a fall. Deliberately modest design and translucent fabrics used in the dresses infatuate us. They emphasize seductive forms of a maiden figure without trite hints.
Corset wedding dress is a choice of women dreaming of a cheeky and womanish look at the same time. Corset models strike with variety and magnificence of styles. Boat and sweetheart neckline dresses, poodle draped skirts from flowing or dense fabrics, mermaid silhouettes and laconic column dress.
Off-the-shoulder dress is a delicate interpretation of the corset style. It doesn’t have impudent low necks. But a smoothly lowering neckline lightly hints, mystifies and stresses frailness of a maiden shape.
A-line dress is a relevant alternative to the classical poofy dresses
Mermaid dress is a real hit of the season. Incredibly sexual fitting outfit with the bottom extended from a knee. It emphasizes a sensual body shape. In the current interpretation the “mermaid” tail can begin from the hip line or much lower than a knee. Multiple layers form a luxurious, magnificent bottom. Designers used ruffles and flounces of lace or tulle alternating with dense materials. Off-the-shoulder model with an impressive lacy bottom stands out as the standard of a stylish mermaid dress.
Capes and stoles. Top trend. Any of these accessories can easily replace a traditional veil. It mantles the bride’s figure in an elegant translucent cloud. Among presented models there are romantic hooded capes, weightless pelerines and fantasy style raincoats. The image created with an elegant stole, takes slightly theatrical style.”

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